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Dublin, we are back baby! A very long time coming but if you haven’t seen we have finally announced that we are back scheduled to operate in Dublin for the first time since December after a very tough and uncertain few months, but a challenge we didn’t shy away from and now we are delighted to tell everyone that for the foreseeable we will have a fully unique Sauna experience, bar far the most unique in Ireland, in our beautiful new location of operations in Shankill, South County Dublin 😊.

Now we are very happy with how progress is going behind the scenes, but we are still some time from providing the excellent Sauna services which our community deserves. This time around we want to exceed our communities expectations, we will do just that, partnering with other like-minded businesses in our new location in Shankill to bring you Acushla, a wellness and lifestyle mecca. We want to firmly establish ourselves as a quality-of-life brand, harmonising our work with other similar businesses to positively impact all of those would cross upon our Journey, Acushla lays the foundations to facilitate our aspirations 😊. We will shortly provide all with more news about this exciting new location, but for now you’ll have to just believe us when we say, it’s going to be something spectacular!

It’s great to know we are building our community back up again after such a prolonged and challenging year so far, thank you for sticking with us, and to all those new to our journey we would like to say welcome! Especially those from Galway, where recently we have had one of our Saunas set up on the weekends down in Salthill 😊. We are determined to build a bigger and better community going forward, and it can’t happen if we are not welcomed by the local communities we are allowed to operate in, so thank you to all from the Salthill area who have visited us in the last month!

We are not just about the Sauna though, we have other avenues to try help our business grow, we recently got our popular Acupressure Mats restocked and they have been flying out the door! Another perfect way to “Release, Relax, Recover” from the hectic lives we all live, but this option is from the comfort of your own home 🏠 And for the month of the July, each purchase of our Acupressure Mats will come with free Massage Balls, just an added incentive to get yours sooner rather than later!

Fad Saoil Acupressure Mats:

Also if you’ve missed it, we are back producing our acoustic music series “Sauna Sessions” 🎙️ We have had two very talented Irish acts in to play their own music for our community since restrictions have been eased. This is a series we absolutely love, we’re glad many of you feel the same way 😊

Saarloos’s Sauna Session:

Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s Sauna Session:

Have a great week ladies & gentlemen, chat soon!

Fad Saoil x

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